To use the Bloodhub24 blog, everyone has been requested to comply with the following conditions.

General rules

The journey of the Bloodhub24 blog has started with the aim of creating awareness among the common people about the common diseases of the people, how to survive from various diseases or how to live a healthy life, anyone will share their knowledge or methods with everyone. However, one thing is very important to tell, if someone claims that their blog is a prescription, but it will be considered as outside of our terms.

If a blogger is banned for violating the blog, he will receive a notice on his own blog page, where there will be specific reasons for foul play. After blogging, avoid them.

Post and Comment 

You can not directly post or comment on Bloodhub 24. If a post / comment is made available then one of our administrators will publish it. Our initiative is to prevent the lowest post / comment.

Prohibited Content Or Image

If you post a blog or information which can harm people instead of benefiting from it. The post or image contains pornographic, offensive, obscene statements but it will be considered inaccessible on our blog.
If you also post images or blogs related to adult content, alcohol or drugs, tobacco related content, hacking and cracking content, illegal content, then they will be treated as forbidden content to us.

Protection Of  Your Device

For the use of bloodhub24, visitors / readers will have to take their own precautions and protection for their device, because no responsibility is accept for any attack by the virus, or any other contamination or destructive features. Bloodhub24 does not have any liability for the infections of your device contamination or infection through access to any third-party content. Third-party content may include, but is not limited to Google advertisements.


Advertisements on the bloodhub24 website are collected by third party companies, which can collect and use information about users. No responsibility will arise from the collection or sharing of information by bloodhub24.

Third Party Contents

bloodhub24 does not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any third-party contents. Third party contents include such contents which are not generated or produced by bloodhub24 . It includes contents, images and texts which are uploaded or displayed by bloodhub24 but which are created or generated or produced by someone or entity other than bloodhub24.

Use of Cookies

bloodhub24 does not collect any user data based on cookies, neither does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user.If the third party associated with the bloodhub24 website collects user cookies on their visit to the bloodhub24 website, they have the right to collect their cookies, but bloodhub24 does not control the use of these cookies, so you need to check the relevant third-party website.

When someone is registered with bloodhub24, personal identification information is collected for authentication. The information collected by Bloodhub24 is not shared with any third party but may send information to the bloodhub24, send information from the bloodhub24 or any company related to it.

User Generated Content

In order to post on the bloodhub24 site, a user must make sure that it is his own. And the post does not contain any obscene, harassing, fraudulent information. Bloodhub24 does not support any user-generated content and does not guarantee the accuracy or authority of user generated content.
bloodhub24 has the right to delete a user’s content, suspend or close the scope of submitting a post / upload content.
Bloodhub24 usually filters the content of the website and irrespective of any objectionable content or image filtration process, but bloodhub24 will not accept any liability arising from it. However, bloodhub24 discourages its users from doing so.

Important for visitors / readers

Request to everyone Do not multiple clicks on ads on Google or third parties. For that your device’s IP will be blocked . To avoided this problem we installed a wordpress verified plugin . So please doesn’t  multi clicking on ads.

Modification of Terms of Use

bloodhub24 reserves the right to amend, modify or omit any terms in the Terms of Use at any time.If you want to continue with us,our services after any changes are made, you must to accept those.

Last word
We have started the journey of this blog with the aim of all of them. Hope everyone will extend their help from their respective positions. People are going through various short illnesses, which can be prevented only if they are aware. The small tips / information given to you by many people Be aware and will be able to avoid any major diseases that occur in the future. Happy blogging.